Lagouvardos Messinia | Marathopoli
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Seven independent homes
The complex consists of seven autonomous and self-Furnished Homes.

Bedrooms: 1
Size: 50 s.m.
The tourist business consists of seven houses, independently from each other, giving you absolute independence. It's all deuces, total area 50 square meters. They consist of a bedroom, a living room with fully-equipped kitchen, toilet-bath, and a large spacious balcony for unique, relaxed and cool mornings and apogefmatovrada. Also for apodrates winter, the fireplace gives his own unique touch to the space.
  • Kitchen
  • Toilet
  • Bathroom
  • Balcony
  • Fireplace
  • LCD TV
  • Air Conditioning
The complex is located in Messinia Lagouvardo just 2 kilometers from Marathópolis and 150 meters from the beach Langouvardos.
This is a unit that can accommodate the specific areas of each visitor seeking moments of extraordinary beauty and quality.
We have seven homes with unique style and finesse, so as to offer an atmosphere of warmth, making your stay pleasant and memorable.

You can enjoy your coffee or your drink next to the fireplace on cold winter days or on the balcony, with an olive background and colorful plants and flowers in the summer!


The rooms are governed by the triangle: comfort-brightness-harmony.

Our goal is to make our guests to have a memorable vacation!

The casual luxury that characterizes every detail of embracing the senses, creating the perfect environment for short or long getaways at one of the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Made by young people, has all the modern amenities and services!

  • Comfort
  • Brightness
  • Harmony