Lagouvardos Messinia | Marathopoli
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Location & Attractions
Lagouvardos apartments located in the SW Peloponnese, Messinia, just 2 km. the small, picturesque fishing village of Marathopolis. The apartments are very close to Gargalianoi (7 mi.) Where you will find banks, various shops, Kiparissia (27 km.) With its port, the Pylos (33 km.) With fish restaurants, charming cafes, with car rental services and the capital of the prefecture, Kalamata (65 km.).

Picturesque seaside village with beautiful beaches, the Marathópolis, port of Gargalianoi, is one of the most beautiful corners of Messinia. Separate color to give the village promenade with its fish taverns and the romantic sunset.

Proti Island

Proti island with the monastery of Panagia Gorgopigi. According to tradition, the icon was found on shore of the island. The island, which was the base for pirates, there are remains of ancient fortifications and ancient inscriptions on rocks.

Lagouvardos Beach

The Lagouvardos is open bay with a sandy stretch of beach 2km, the golden sand along with lush natural landscape ranks the most beautiful beaches in the area. When waves is one of the most popular beaches for surf, surfer visiting professionals from both Greece and abroad.


Messinia and especially Western Messinia famed for its beaches with special reference to Voidokoilia one of the most famous beaches in Greece . Beautiful beaches washed by turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, sand or pebbles . All short distances between them , so having the opportunity to visit more than one beach day. North is the Elea , the longest beach in Greece , a breeding sea turtle caretta caretta. Inlet , picturesque beach with cliffs either side , the pebbles in and out of the water makes the most beautiful beaches in the area . Vourlia a small beach with white sand in and out of the water , is the first island . The Eye is a vast beach with sand Joined outskirts stands the COSTA NAVARINO In the area you can also visit many other small picturesque beaches such as St. Sunday , Vromoneri , Barla , Agia Sotira.

Archaeological Sites

palace NESTORA is the best -preserved Mycenaean palace. Ruins of the palace you can see the archaeological museum COUNTRY . The

Ancient Messina is one of the most important in size, shape and state of preservation , which still has a lot to offer. It is built on the slopes of Mount Ithomis in 369 BC by the Theban general Epaminondas in place of prehistoric Ithomis with the help of the master of Argos .

The Archaeological Site of Temple of Apollo
Southwest of Andritsainas , an imposing and rugged mountain scenery , lies the majestic temple of Apollo , one of the largest temples of antiquity . The

Church Metamorphosis is located in the center of Christianoupolis , south of Kyparissias after Filiatra . According to testimonies written sources seem in the late 11th century, Christianoupoli simple bishopric became archbishop after several changes during the centuries ceased to be the metropolis 1833.

The Byzantine church of St. Savior in Christians is a massive monument of the 11th century that will make folk artist to say " Holy Savior in Moria and Hagia Sophia in Constantinople » The

Niokastro in Navarino , near the town of Pylos , is a bay located two castles : the newest castle of Navarino or otherwise Niokastro and the Frankish , the Paliokastro or Palionafarino .