Our touristic business consists of seven, autonomous houses that provide you with complete independence. They have two rooms and are of a total area of 50 square metres. They consist of a bedroom, a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, and a large spacious balcony for unique, relaxing and refreshing mornings, afternoons or evenings. Also for winter travellers, the fireplace gives its own distinctive tone to each apartment.

The complex

We are located at Lagouvardos, Messinia, 3 km from Marathopolis and 150 metres from Lagouvardos beach.

Unique Aesthetics & Quality

All residences can accommodate every visitor who is looking for moments of aesthetics and quality.

Style and finesse

Each apartment has a distinctive style and finesse to provide you with a warm atmosphere making your stay enjoyable and unforgettable.


Fully Equipped Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace, Air Conditioning, Toilet, Balcony, LCD TV.


The simple luxury that characterizes its every detail embraces the senses, creating the perfect environment for short or longer getaways, in one of the most exciting landscapes in the country. Made by young people, it provides all modern comforts and services!

Topic - Surfing photo

Lagouvardos Beach & "Lagouvardos Apartments" are a strong and permanent choice of surfers. We even provide a day's stay as well as support the rental of the necessary equipment in collaboration with the surfing school.

Topic - Family photo

We are chosen by families & groups of friends because we offer two bedroom houses with standard home equipment that meets the needs of children & adolescents. Our prices cannot be compared to family rooms in hotels or villas.

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We are an affordable solution for yoga groups. We provide privacy, tranquility, pictures in nature. Here you can find comfortable yoga and meditation lessons in the garden, on the lawn or on the spacious balconies of the houses.


“Lagouvardos apartments” are located in the southwest of the Peloponnese, in Messinia, 2 km from the small, picturesque fishing village of Marathopolis. Nearby you will find famous beaches, hidden waterfalls, Byzantine temples and places that the pirates that existed in the area have left their imprint.



aprox 0.5km

You surely have listened many stories about Beautiful Messinia ,while this one regards the most popular beach for surfing in Greece.



aprox 3.4km

The inscriptions recording the region's pirate past.



Discover archaeological sites, famous beaches, Byzantine temples and medieval castles. We suggest some nearby points of interest, but they are only just the beginning of Messinia's exploration.



aprox 15.19km

By all means the most famous beach of Messinia with no hesitation in saying as much..


Cities and villages close by.

“Lagouvardos apartments” are located close to picturesque villages and the towns of Gargaliani and Filiatra, where you will find banks and various shops. A little further away is the town of Kyparissia with its port, the historic Pylos with many fish taverns, beautiful cafes, car rental services and the capital of the prefecture Kalamata.

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Lagouvardos. Marathopolis Messenia